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My bond with the San Lorenzo River has been formed over many years of daily levee walks, which have been rich & diverse with Wildlife & Human observations & episodes. Now I want to tell you about them…

Barbara Riverwoman  According to family legend, my spirited great grandmother used to drop everything, including housework, to greet the warblers in the spring. Her good-natured husband, legend says, did the housework. My mother carried forward the tradition, bringing home stacks of bird books from our small town Minnesota library. Her enthusiasm slowly worked its magic on me. In sixth grade I earned my Girl Scout birding badge and eagerly gave a book report on an obscure book called Birds at My Window that I will always remember because it was the first book report I ever gave in which my self-consciousness melted away in the warmth of my enthusiasm for the subject.

Baldwin Creek Since then, I have been a somewhat lackadaisical birder, having spurts of enthusiasm interrupted by long periods of not touching my binoculars.   I chose my last name in 1980, and it has been my official name ever since.  I chose it not because I knew much about rivers but because I was born on a houseboat on the Minnesota River, a boat that my father built and navigated on the river.  I was also reading Celtic river goddess myths at the time.  Maybe it’s time for me to grow into my name.


20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Jane (and Barbara),

    I like your blog!

    Walking the white Bassett Hound I adopted last September has given me a new appreciation for mornings and the river. I’ve lived in the “upper” beach flats for 10+ years and this is the first time I’ve been looking closely and enjoying the birds.

    Crossing paths with you is always a treat. See you on the levee!

    Hollie (and Albert)


  2. Hi folks. Great to see this blog. I go over or along the river almost every day on foot or bike. I’ve loved the river ever since I first saw it as a kid (many decades ago). Keep it up please.


  3. Hi Jane

    Met you on the river trestle this morning (Thurs the 6th). Was on my bike clogging the walkway! I’ll monitor the blog, which I really like and try to help out if I can.

    Jim Ryan


  4. I have quite a few photos of the San Lorenzo River if you’d like some to include? – just credit me with my name underneath photos each time, or ask me to watermark them…Today I saw a cool raptor interacting with a cormorant very closely, if they hadn’t looked totally different from each other I’d have thought they were family! …down by the river bridge – anyone else talking about this bird? Large white breast, black beak, bit of a crest/back-of-head tuft…I’m a very amateur birder….as you can tell! I sent photo to Nancy A so maybe she’ll tell me what the bird was…I also took a few photos of the equipment at work breaching the San Lorenzo (and then shortly after they filled it all back in…anyway, let me know how to send a few photos if you’d like…they used one rather un-exceptional photo of an egret in the Coastal Watershed or something brochure!
    Take care, Vivienne


  5. Hello River protectors! I am writing because of a new threat to a habitat very close to the river. Jessie Street Marsh is land that is supposed to be a haven for migratory birds. It was slated to be restored as mitigation for the Neary Lagoon wastewater treatment plant. However the restoration never happened. Every year it is mowed, and this year the mowing may begin as early as June 20th – as in this Monday! This is in the middle of the nesting season. Please help protect bird species by asking the city to delay mowing until after the nesting season is over! Please sign this petition and write to the city council as well!



  6. It was lovely to meet you tonight Jane. We should work together with others to protect our beautiful waterway.
    I would love to take a walk with you one of these weekends.
    Thank you for caring about the river and it’s inhabitants.


    1. Hi Kim, Yes, it was wonderful to meet a kindred spirit & would enjoy walking w/you while talking about future goals. I wrote you an e-mail & look forward to exchange. Appreciative greetings for your caring, jane


  7. Hi Jane, It was so great to connect with you after all these decades! I am happy to know that people like you are caring for and sensitizing others about the river, its safety, and its significance. Santa Cruz has outgrown itself and I surely do not want to see more habitats and natural environments become toxic and lost. Though I am busy with a family issue and then will be out of town, I would love to meet again when I get back so we can rekindle our old friendship. Happy Walking. Hugs, Kathy


    1. Yes, it was very nice seeing you again after soooo long & when you are back, let’s take a walk by the river.
      Love to show you my passion…Take care & ’till soon, jane


  8. We are ready for our guided tour whenever you can manage it. This Wednesday (tomorrow) works for us if you are free.


    1. Hi Mara & Michael, sorry I am responding so late. Love to go on a walk w/you. Unfortunately to-morrow I have to prep for an afternoon school presentation. Would Tues. 23rd work for you?


  9. A wonderful article… the loving details about the various birds and their behaviors is fascinating. I appreciate the photos too, so I can see what you are describing so beautifully. I’m confused about the dates of the photos… were they taken this year (2018) or last? Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hello. David Cacho is my son and I believe he works for you, Jane Mio. He was in a picture with BEST in Dec. 2021 in the newspaper and on this blog. I have not heard from in 2 months. If there is a way, can you ask him to call his mother?


    1. Hi, I passed the message along after our call & hope he called you. Please let me know if I should follow up on that. Greetings from Santa Cruz, jane


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