loving the San Lorenzo River is a full-time job…

Greetings to You Delighted Nature Lovers,

nature teaches patience: Beeplant returns after 2 year hibernation…

The San Lorenzo River visit answered my frustration driven, irritated question: “Why do I spend so much time on the river related issues?”. This question was triggered after reading ‘Steinbruner’s States’ 1/17 post, because I realized that I was unaware that ‘conveyance system’ plans for the PureWater Soquel Project had changed to the option of attaching the pipe to the Laurel St. bridge and not placing it underneath the river. So finding out that the favored, much needed breeding location for the migratory CLIFF, NORTHERN ROUGH-winged SWALLOWS was in jeopardy made my SWALLOW nests knees buckle. Admit-tingly I find the pipe construction project to be San Lorenzo River environment unfriendly, but a mitigated pipe placement would assure that the SWALLOWS breeding location was saved. In order to get clear on the pipe location I descended into the project’s documents/plans hell. I’ll spare you my journey through the all-too-familiar rocky terrain of ‘ the San Lorenzo River environment is paying a high price once again’, which made me run to the river. There I was greeted by the recently planted Buckeye buds that were pushing open their protective brown capsules because the leaves are birthing ready.

Buckeye buds birthing leaves…

The Bumblebee was nibbling nectar from the Sage plants, the RED-tailed Hawk couple was involved with their mating circling, the lone female COMMON GOLDENEYE attracted 3 AMERICAN COOTS, who hoped that the damsel had stirred up some delicious algae. Down the river I discovered 2 more female COMMON GOLDENEYES. One was eager to befriend a MALLARD couple ~ alas ~ they were busy discussing their mating possibility…I didn’t see any male COMMON GOLDENEYES, who had a low presence on the river this year. And then there was the discovery that the Beeplant had decided to come back strong after a 2 year hibernation. It was a treat to see my levee friend walking up with her 2 grandchildren and I had wonderful river conversation with her 5 year old grandson. This little boy and the river life made me realize why I spend so much time on river issues. It’s because I want all present and future beings to be able to enjoy what I love: a rich and thriving river environment.


Mitch, one of the BEST members, and I will give a presentation to-night to a group that is interested in our efforts. It will be a good experience for both of us, because we will gain insight how our message comes across. I like you to know that the BEST is still doing a very fine riparian corridor stewardship job. Because of our by now familiar presence the Benchland campers are becoming more and more engaged with kinder co-operation and lending us their hands and tools. My friend, Eva, made the BEST a yummy lunch, which we devoured gratefully after our shift, having a great time sharing a meal together.

BEST enjoying Eva’s lunch…

Chirps to you that hum with river life ~ jane

2 thoughts on “loving the San Lorenzo River is a full-time job…

  1. Exactly! This is it exactly. After living in the region for more than half a century, and seeing what has happened to some parts of it, I totally get it. I know that I can not repair what has happened to some of my favorite portions of the region, but it is so gratifying to preserve other parts, or even to make some of the parts that succumbed a bit more appealing to those who live there now. It is gratifying in other regions also, which is why I want to do more in the Los Angeles region.


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