river cornucopia…

Good Morning Dear Rain-soaked River Friends,

sunset after heavy rain…

The day after the heavy rain my river visit showered me with a cornucopia of multifaceted episodes. My first stop was the river mouth point, where the noticeable cliff erosion had created a dramatic visual of coastal land change. The cliff banks were void of its vegetation that now rested at the bluff’s foot, surrounded by washed down soil. I have ‘thing’ about avoidable, irreversible erosion damage caused by human behavior. So it clearly was a bad idea for two young men to climb over the railing and start descending the severely eroded, steep, rain drenched section in my presence. After taking a deep breath I pointed out that their activity was conducive for further erosion. One of them claimed their climb didn’t matter in the bigger cliff picture. I pointed out that it was up to him make his situation appropriate choice and not me… Nature mud-caked them on their way down.

eroded cliff bank…

Resuming the calming bird watching I spotted a flock of WHITE-crowned SPARROWS below me that were dashing in and out the low bushes. Their sporadic foraging always intrigues me, because I can’t figure out how the racing around procures food. Taking my monocular down I noticed a WHITE-crowned SPARROW watching me from a close by branch. It made me titter to realize I was being observed while focusing on its far-off cousins as this little feathered one was right next to me… That little mood uplift befriended the follow up: it was zany to look at determined metal ant, dressed up as a lone, little forklift on the Main Beach. This small ant imitator was diligently transporting non-stop one single driftwood piece after an other from the river mouth to the wharf.

metal ant…

Proceeding to my next river spot I almost crashed into a lamp post, because two beautiful RED-tailed HAWKS were circling close to the Trestle trees. Their talons were extended, a sign of their mating air dance. Just as quickly as they appeared they disappeared. Moments later there was one flying above the Trestle trees, which drew me in that direction like a magnet. And sure enough the mate was flying low over the river being orbited by the other. After some tight rotations they flew off towards Ocean View Park. Staring up in the sky I hadn’t noticed the enjoyable surprise walking up the path: my friend and his dog, who I hadn’t seen for a while. We had a short, cozy visit, oh-ed and ah-ed about the rainbow as we parted. My decision to locate the new river love couple just one more time was exquisitely reward! RED-tailed HAWKS were spiraling downriver towards the rainbow. Their flight followed its arch and then they flew right into the rainbow and disappeared. Of course my quickly ignited imagination had a feather day with that experience ~ the river had gifted us a magical moment.

dot to right is RED-tailed HAWK flying into rainbow…

I want to take a moment and thank life for gifting me so many people, who have allowed me to feel awe, taught me courage to follow passion. I cheer the lives of Desmond Tutu, Edward O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy. Over many years I have followed their life work with great interest, because their passions made total sense to me. Within two days three of my cherished influences left: witty Desmond Tutu and E.O. Wilson died on the same day and Thomas Lovejoy a day earlier. I celebrate that I was fortunate to share this planet with them at the same time as they created inspiring, rich, passionate lives, which were infused with their caring souls.

in memory of their gifts to the planet…

Without a doubt Jessica York’ article in the 12/17 Sentinel issue meant a lot to the BEST, because they felt that the reporter truly captured what they and the BEST program is all about. This article was especially welcome, because the Benchland camp had received so much unpleasant houseless media coverage. It was touching to see the article spread a warm glow over the BEST, for which we thank Jessica York and the Sentinel.
Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and great new beginnings ~ jane

greetings from the BEST

7 thoughts on “river cornucopia…

  1. I was so happy to encounter your lyrical voice just now, celebrating the mystery nuptials of two hawks flying into the rainbow! And then, for contrast, the nitty-gritty story of the two miscreants who ended up slathered in mud for their foolhardiness, and more intrigues from the quirky world of coots. Thank you, as always, for your faithful flow of wonderful river tales. May your New Year be filled with more ever-shifting and scintillating river tales.


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