seed miracles…

Profuse Seed Greetings to all Nature Lovers,

glorious Calif. Fuchsia…

Plant seeds are one of Nature’s miracles that herald life’s determined resolve to show up to live. The Estuary Project sites along the San Lorenzo River banks are fertile grounds to witness these miracles. Ever since the seeds have been kissed by the first rain drops they have reciprocated the gift with their breath taking growth. You’ll find me performing my annual eggshell dance, looking for the native plant seedlings while not stepping on them. These searches include a fair amount of bafflement: Why are only a few Poppy seedlings sprouting from the thousands of Poppy seeds? On the other petal the minute ballerina seeds from the Calif. Fuchsia obviously took a different approach to the “Rise and Shine’ call. Their plumules (plant embryos) were definitely keen to answer the message. There is an abundance of new plants coming up everywhere.These seed miracles appear in my life, often outfitted with different shapes, colors and textures. They weave themselves self into my life web, which in return connects me back into the web of Nature. Wasn’t my grandfather planting a ‘Nature awe’ seed in me, when he made me stop and admire majestic trees with him? Sure, I rolled my 10-year-old eyes ~ not knowing that the seed had lodged itself into my soul, just waiting for the right time to sprout into a passion. And how was I to know that simple act of introducing a restoration tool to a houseless man was the seed of opening up his confidence? Just like Nature spreads her seeds so do our actions and words. May our seeds unfurl into into gracious, blooming beauties.

Opa’s majestic tree admirations planted the seed for my passion …googled image

I am eager to let you know that your kind donations for the BEST efforts seeded a cherished blossom, symbolizing your caring support of their riparian environment restoration every Sunday. You made them feel acknowledged and respected, which means a lot to the houseless campers. I send you my grateful THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart in the name of the BEST, who match your awesomeness mighty fine! Should any of you want to plant a BEST seed then this link will sprout your donation seedling by clicking on “Other Programs” and adding a note during checkout that funds are for the BEST :

The BEST was thrilled to welcome Dr. Tiffany Wise-West as a Sunday BEST member…
The GREAT BLUE HERON & RED-tailed HAWK are the BEST mascots…design & artwork by David Cacho

I was visiting David, the artistic creator and designer of the BEST mascots. By chance I turned towards the river and saw a GREAT BLUE HERON starring right at his tent. Did the mascot want to take an other look at its portray? On Sunday a MALLARD couple watched the BEST work as they rested on a tree branch by the waterline. I am glad that Mitch allowed me to see the MALLARDS scene with his eyes by pointing out that the lighting and the setting created a great visual.

Last Wednesday the Estuary Project hosted the Kirby’s ‘Community Involvement Day’ event for 9 students and their 2 wonderful, warmhearted chaperones. It was thrilling to watch the students take fearlessly to tasks they had never done before, work together until all jobs were finished, enjoy what they were doing while sharing time with friends. You can watch us spread beautiful gratitude seeds that will make your heart sing...
 Estuary Project-Gratitude.MOV

Big Thanks to the 9 amazing Kirby School students volunteering for the Estuary Project…

You might like to join the Estuary Project workday on Saturday, the 20th from 9am – 11am at the Laurel St. bridge levee path, upstream from Mike Fox Skate Park. It would be great to meet you and enjoy the river together.
Sending you cheers from the sprouting river joys ~ jane

MALLARD couple that caught Mitch’s eye…

5 thoughts on “seed miracles…

  1. Hello Jane,

    I’m grateful to have met you today. Like we talked about, the stars brought us together. Very serendipitous coming together for the clean up of the river. I am looking forward to working with you in the future, to remove invasive species of plant, and to nurture the native landscape. I am interested in helping to make more people aware of certain ways the river can stay cleaner.


    1. Hi Tim ~ I totally agree that our stars arranged our perfect rendez-vous! I see a bright river future thanks to the stars’ efforts, which is so welcomed. My thanks for your dedicated environment work sail to you ~ jane


    1. For as long as I can remember seeds have always blown my mind ~ how does each seed species know when, where to explode into turbo growth mode? So true that some plants are incredibly sensuous when you really look at them. Cheers ~ jane


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